Wardrobe Detox - A quick KonMari guide to decluttering and organising your clothes

It’s estimated that most people only wear 20% of the clothes they own and with the changes in our working patterns it may be time for some of our more formal office clothes to make way for more relaxed working from home clothes.

If you’ve lost track of what’s inside your bulging wardrobe then it’s time to get organised and declutter for Spring.

How to declutter your wardrobe in 5 simple steps

Set aside some time and space to organise your wardrobe, doing it properly takes a few hours.

1) Before starting, think about your current lifestyle and the type of activities you do on a weekly or monthly basis (working from the office/home, going out, leisure activities etc) as the clothes in your wardrobe should support what you are doing now - rather than the things you did 10 years ago. It's also useful to think about how you’d like your wardrobe and bedroom to look, browsing through magazines and Pinterest can inspire you & keep you motivated.

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2) Put all of your clothes in one place - I like to put everything on the bed. Separate the different types of garment (jumpers, dresses, suits etc) in to piles. This is often when people are shocked to see how many similar items they own and find clothes they’ve forgotten they had.

3) Choose a pile to sort through - T shirts or jumpers are an easy place to start. Look at the pile and select your favourite 3 tops that you really love wearing – think about why you like them, do they make you feel good, is it the colour you like or something else?

4) Once you’ve selected your favourite items set them aside in your ‘keep’ pile and work through the rest of the tops, one item at a time, holding it in your hands to decide whether it’s something that you love. If it’s not obvious straight away compare it against your favourite tops to help you make the decision.

Questions to ask yourself as you declutter your wardrobe:

  • Do I love it?

  • Which of these is my favourite?

  • Do I need it for practical purposes?

  • When did I last wear it?

  • How did I feel when I wore it?

  • What would I wear to that type of occasion if I don't wear this?

  • Is it an item I 'avoid' in my wardrobe... why?

  • Is it in good condition?

  • There's not enough room for everything.. is this something I love enough to keep?

These questions will help you decide if you want to keep the item - if it's a 'no' then put the item in your discard pile, ready to go to the charity shop or eBay. Take a look at my eBay selling tips if you'd like to turn your unwanted items in to cash.

5). Once you’ve sorted all your clothes look at your storage space and decide how you want to organise it - not everything needs to be hung. Jumpers, tshirts and jeans can all be folded and put in chests of drawers or baskets on shelves to maximise your storage space.

Top Tips for decluttering your wardrobe

  • What to do with clothes that don't fit? If you have some clothes that don't fit only keep the ones you love. You're going to feel and look fabulous when you reach your target size and will be unlikely to wear clothes that you don't like.

  • Don’t keep things ‘for best’. If you love it the garment put it in your wardrobe and start wearing it - you’ll feel great every time you put it on!

  • Don’t keep things ‘just in case’. If you haven’t worn it for years you’re unlikely to again - move it on and use the space for the clothes you love.

Still need to maximise the space in your wardrobe? Take a look at my post with 6 simple and affordable tips to increase you storage space.

These simple steps can be applied across all areas of your home to create a tidy, simplified & organised life.

I’m Sue, a professional home organiser and KonMari Consultant based in Hampshire. I trained with Marie Kondo and the KonMari team and help busy people declutter, organise and simplify their homes so they can get on with the important job of enjoying life.

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