How I made £13.5k on Ebay: Top Tips For Selling Your "Stuff"

You've probably heard the saying "One mans trash is another mans treasure" and this is definitely the case when it comes to all that unwanted stuff hiding in cupboards, lofts and garages. An Ebay survey (2020) found the average UK home was sitting on £2600 worth of unwanted items - there's definitely money to be made from moving on items that you no longer need.

The Declutter Habit

When our children were young we lived in a tiny house so we got into the habit of sorting through the things that we'd either outgrown, didn't need or no longer loved and decided to let them go rather than clutter up our living space.

Lots of people don't manage to get in to the habit of moving things on, they're too busy juggling work and family life so decluttering falls off the end of the to do list... I understand not everyone enjoys a good sort out as much as I do! But that Ebay survey may be just the motivation you need to kick start a Marie Kondo style tidy up in your home and making you clutter count.

Making Money From Your Clutter

If you’re looking to make some money from your clutter there are several ways you can sell your items: