Moving you from chaos to calm

Let's Talk!  I offer a FREE initial consultation on Zoom/FaceTime or by phone. 

During the call we'll discuss your decluttering and organisational needs and I'll outline how I can help you.  It's a chance for us to get to know each other and you'll have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.​

I provide both In-Home and Virtual Organising one to one coaching sessions to help you declutter, organise and simplify your space.  During your consultation call we'll agree the best option for you. 

Sessions can be booked individually or as a package offering a discount and extra support. The number of sessions you need depends on your project so we'll discuss this during your consultation. 


Sue finds the perfect balance of asking the right questions about how you use your space and belongings without making you feel judged. The service she provides is a game changer!

Sue helped me reorganise my space, get clear on which things I could let go of and ultimately get to a place where I could enjoy using my kitchen again

S Fox




Free Consultation

1 * 3 to 5 hour organising session

Guidance & support as we declutter

Organising tips & new routines

Recommended storage solutions

Travel expenses*

£40 per hour


Free Consultation

3 * 3 to 5 hour organising sessions

Guidance & support as we declutter

Organising tips & new routines

Recommended storage solutions

In between session "homework" plan

Remote email/WhatsApp support

Travel expenses*

£40 per hour


Free Consultation

5 * 3 to 5 hour organising sessions

Guidance & support as we declutter

Organising tips & new routines

Recommended storage solutions

Inbetween session "homework" plan

Remote email/WhatsApp support

Travel expenses*

10% discount off all sessions**

£36 per hour



My Zoom/Skype organising sessions will give you the guidance, support and accountability you need to achieve your goals as you tackle your home organising project.  They're a great option if you don't live locally or would just like guidance on how to tackle your home organising project.

Free Consultation

During each session we'll focus on one KonMari™ category.  I'll guide you as you sort through your possessions - helping you identify what to keep and recommending ways to organise and store the items you keep. 

You'll need a laptop/phone and a good internet connection so you can "walk" me around your home.

£30 per hour 


I used Sue's virtual service over the Easter holidays & was totally hooked.  Sue helped me with my kitchen, overgrown wardrobe & utility room.  We used Zoom, lots of photos & it worked really well.

I can thoroughly recommend the virtual sessions, Sue's expertise & her patience.

A Moneypenny



My presentations and workshops are a great introduction to the KonMari Method and are perfect for organisations and groups looking to inspire employees or members. These can be delivered in person or via Zoom.

These sessions cover:

Decluttering and organising your space to improve your wellbeing and productivity.

An introduction to the KonMari Method with examples to try at home/in the office.

Choice of examples including wardrobe edits, office organisation, paperwork, taming toy storage. 

Price on request


Book your FREE initial consultation

to discuss your goals and how I can help you. 

*  Travel in excess of 30 miles will incur a contribution towards expenses, train/airfares will be charged at cost.

** 10% discount on sessions 1-4 is taken off payment for session 5.  Extra sessions are charged at £36 per hour