Making Your Clutter Count

One of the first things I discuss with my clients is their Exit Plan - how and when they will move on the items they no longer need.

Knowing your items are going to a good cause can really help you to make the decision to let things go as you declutter.

I encourage everyone to sell, donate or recycle as much as possible to reduce the impact on landfill and have put together the following resource guide to help you move your items on. 

unwanted Clothes on rail


Charity shops take good quality, clean clothes - you can post to British Heart Foundation or Oxfam.

The following options are great for special items:

Turtle Doves recycle your cashmere into lovely new items (and send some gloves as a thank you).

Cudoni and Designer Exchange will sell your luxury clothes, shoes & accessories.

ReThread will list and sell high street brands for you.

Cherished Gowns UK is a charity that transforms wedding dresses into burial gowns for babies who are born to soon.

Recycling: High street stores M&S and H&M offer garment recycling schemes.

unwanted bra


Smalls for All, Against Breast Cancer and Oxfam all accept 'lightly worn' bras in good condition and send them overseas to be distributed to women and girls that don't have access to them locally.  

You can also donate old unwanted bras at your local Bravissimo shop. For every kg of bras they receive, they donate to Coppafeel, a breast cancer awareness charity, to support their wonderful work

Unwanted Shoes


Most charity shops accept pairs of good quality shoes as donations other favourite for shoe donations are:

Sals Shoes who redistribute outgrown (but not outworn) childrens shoes around the world.

Nike recycle athletic shoes at the end of their life.

Clarks support UNICEF through their shoe share scheme

unwanted jewellery


Valuable jewellery is best sold through auctions (google your local auctioneers).

Vintage Cash Cow accept old jewellery, watches and medals by (free) post and will value and offer a purchase price if they are able to take them.

The Alzheimers Society and British Heart Foundation accept jewellery donations by (free) post and in their shops.

glasses spectacles


Specsavers, VisionExpress and Boots Opticians will accept used glasses for recycling supporting  Lions Club International.  

You can also drop your glasses in to many charity shops including Marie Curie.

pile of unwanted books


The majority of charity shops take books (notably Oxfam have their own book shops) and nurseries, schools and libraries may also accept donations.

Book Trade Apps such as Ziffit and We Buy Books offer free post to make selling your books as easy as possible.

Antique or rare books can be sold through specialist books shops such as Kims Bookshop or Petersfield Bookshop.



Toiletries Amnesty have a directory of local UK organisations that will accept toiletry donations.

Boots and John Lewis have a recycling scheme for empty make-up and toiletry containers.

Beauty Banks have donation bins in Superdrug stores across the UK which redistribute unopened, unused toiletries to local charities.

Local nightshelters or womens refuge centres may also accept unused toiletries.



Ebay is a great place to sell old mobile phones, game consoles and tech.

An easier option is to trade in via Music Magpie or Mazuma Mobiles who'll quote a price for the device before you send it.

Local community initatives to provide old refurbished laptops to children to help with schoolwork have become popular so it's worth researching your local community to see if you can donate to help a child (our local one is Ades Computer Angels).

Cassette Tape


Some charity shops will still take DVDs and CDs.

Trade Apps such as Ziffit, We Buy Games and Music Magpie offer free post to make selling your video games easy.

Video and audio tapes can not be easily recycled but Tip Top Media offer a paid for recycling service that stops tapes going in to landfill.

bedding and fabric


Clean bedding, towels and duvets may be welcome at nightshelters or womens refuge centres - it's best to call ahead to check what they need.

Local vets and animal charities (such as St Francis Animal Welfare or RSPCA) may also take old bedding to use with animals in their care.

Textile banks will recycle curtains and fabrics that are past their best.



Local community projects are often looking for additional equipment.

Tools with a Mission - collect hand and electric tools (including sewing machines), refurbish them and redistribute across the world for livelihood creation.

Community RePaint is a national scheme sponsored by Dulux that redistributes left over paint to individuals and charities in need. 

Try Freegle or Freecycle to move on cables and old chargers.

donate tv and furniture


British Heart Foundation and Sue Ryder both offer a free collection service for furniture, electrical items and white goods in good condition.

Local charities Emmaus and Scratch offer furniture collection services.

Gymstock will collect and pay for gym equipment in good working order and may collect old and damaged items for recycling. 

Medicine Prescription


Out of date or unused medication should always be returned to a pharmacy so it can be safely disposed of.

Check to ensure you have the essentials in date so you can safely take them when you feel unwell.


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