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9 Great Reasons to Live A Life More Organised In 2023

Traditionally this is the time of year where we promise ourselves that we’ll eat more healthily, exercise more, spend less or (my personal favourite) sort out our homes in the coming year. We start with the best intentions but our resolutions are often forgotten by the end of January as life gets busy when we return to work and the kids go back to school.

Desk in an organised airy office

Rather than try and stick to New Year’s Resolutions this year, try making small, positive, changes that slot seamlessly into your everyday life.

If you’d like to be more organised in this year you’re in the right place! Here are 9 great reasons to get organised and stay that way - helping you to focus on what you want to achieve and encourage you to give it a go.

In this blog - 9 top reasons to get organised

Organised desk

1) Being organised makes life easier

Investing time and effort in decluttering and organising your space now will make it easier to keep on top of things in the future. It will be: easier to tidy up, easier to clean, easier to find things and easier to relax.

You’ll have more space and time so you can get on with the important job of enjoying life.

What would you do with all that extra time?

2) Being organised saves you time

If you spend around 4 minutes a day looking for items around your home (important paperwork, homework, kids shoes, sticky tape), then you’re wasting 24 hours a year – yes that’s a day a year looking for stuff!

Organising your home to support your regular routines will save you time. It could be being able to get up, dressed and out the door on time without distractions each morning, or preparing the evening meal and knowing you’ve got everything to hand. If your home flows around you, rather than put barriers in your way, you get things done more quickly.

Planning your week or having a set day for regular tasks can help manage your time and ensure you tick things off your list. For example, I wash our bedding on a Monday and the rest of the washing or any unexpected laundry is then done on other days.

Daily and Weekly Planners - A Life More Organised

3) Being organised will save you money

Once your home is organised you’ll have a home for everything so you won’t need to pay late fees on bills you’ve forgotten about or buy replacement items for things you can’t find.

Piggy bank for saving money

Organising your food cupboards and fridge so you can see what’s in them will help to reduce your grocery bills and minimise food waste. You can take this one step further by menu planning so you use up everything you buy each week.

For more money-saving ideas take a look at my blog post: 7 Easy Ways To Save Money By Organising Your Home.

4) You’ll feel more relaxed in your own home

Your home should be the one place where you can sit down, switch off and relax rather than feel stressed and burdened by ‘stuff’ and disorder. When your home doesn’t look the way you’d like it to it can impact how you feel - clutter has been shown to increase cortisol (stress) levels.

Relaxed woman on bed

Organising your home will help you take back control and create a space that you love spending time in.

5) Being organised helps you to be more productive and focused

Tidy kitchen worktop - clear surfaces make you more productive

When your home or workspace is untidy it can lead to overwhelm and make it more difficult to get things done.

Preparing a meal in a cluttered kitchen is more difficult than working on clear worktops whilst working on a desk swamped in paperwork makes it harder to focus on the task at hand.

Clearing away clutter and removing any distractions will have a positive impact on your efficiency.

6) Get organised for a change in personal circumstances

A change in personal circumstances, be it a new family member, new home, separation or working from home, will bring new challenges to your space. It’s a great opportunity to take stock and make some changes so you can be organised and prepared for your new way of life.

7) A place for everything and everything in its’ place

After decluttering and organising your home or workspace similar items will be stored together and everything will have a home. This will help to prevent clutter from building up in the future as it’ll be easy to put things back after they’ve been used, making tidying up at the end of the day a 15-minute task.

Playroom organisation

Children as young as 4 can tidy up after playing if they can easily see where their toys go, it simply replicates the ‘tidy up time’ they are used to at school.

Give yourself a headstart by removing the 12 things you won’t miss after decluttering your home.

8) Teach your children the life skill of being organised

Mum cuddling son

Organising isn’t something that we are taught to do – but it is a life skill that it’s worth investing the time in learning and passing on to your family.

Children mirror their parents' actions, so lead by example and create an organised home they can help you to keep tidy.

9) You won’t need to spend hours tidying up before you have guests

friends celebrating

Have you ever spent a couple of hours tidying up your home before you have friends around?

How many plastic bags of clutter did you manage to collect and hide in the spare bedroom or cupboard under the stairs?

Did you ever manage to go back and sort through the bags once your guests had left?

I can't promise that your newly organised home won't get untidy (life happens!), but once you have a home for everything it will only take a few minutes to tidy up and return things to where they belong.

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Are you ready to start living A Life More Organised this year? I’d love to hear some of your reasons for getting organised – let me know them in the comments!

I’m Sue, a professional home organiser and KonMari Consultant based in Hampshire. I trained with Marie Kondo and the KonMari team and help busy people declutter, organise and simplify their homes so they can get on with the important job of enjoying life. For a no-obligation chat about how I can help, please get in touch. m: 07740 782575 I'd love to keep in touch - why not follow me on Instagram or Facebook



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