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Next course starts 18th January 2022

6 Weeks to A Life More Organised is 6 week course, guiding you through decluttering and organising your home using the principles & categories in Marie Kondo's KonMari Method.  Led by Sue Spencer, Platinum KonMari Consultant.

The course includes:

  • 6 live Zoom workshops to help you declutter and organise your home, one step at a time - see full course details below.  

  • Each workshop will last 90 minutes, with time for discussion and questions to ensure you feel prepared and confident to complete the tasks set each week.  Workshops will be recorded and available for replay in a private Facebook group.  

  • Weekly homework tasks, accompanied by a workbook to assist you in making the changes and progress towards your tidying goals.

  • Course participants will be invited to a private Facebook group so we can motivate, support and celebrate successes over the course of the 6 weeks. 

  • This is a small group course with only 10 places available.  

"The course was great fun, sharing our stories & cupboards!

We had printouts & checklists to keep us going - it was great value for money.

I've gone through most of my home & decided what I do & don't need and have donated bags & bags to charity & made money through eBay & other apps.”

AM  |  6 Weeks To A Life More Organised Attendee

6 Weeks to A Life More Organised Course Content:

Week 1: Understanding your tidying goals and vision for your home.  Introduction to the KonMari Method, starting with decluttering and organising your clothes.

Week 2: How to declutter your books to create a book collection that you love and reflects your interests and current lifestyle.  
Bonus - decluttering your digital life. 

Week 3: Taming your paperwork mountain - my 3 steps to help you get on top and stay on top of your paperwork once and for all.

Week 4: Creating a kitchen that you love cooking and being in. Decluttering your kitchen cupboards and setting up zones to keep your kitchen organised.

Week 5: Your week!  We'll focus on the miscellaneous (Komono) categories chosen by course attendees - previous groups have requested 'under the kitchen sink', bedlinen and towels, jewellery, stationery/craft items and toys.  

Week 6: Guiding you through organising the final KonMari Method category, sentimental items (including photos).  We'll also cover setting routines to help you maintain your organised home.