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Join me at The Clean and Tidy Home Show

I’m excited to be speaking at the Clean & Tidy Home Show again this year, which is taking place at London ExCel on 14-15 October.

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What is The Clean and Tidy Home Show?

The Clean & Tidy Home Show is the home event that helps you create a healthy, happy, and positive living space by bringing together a community of home lovers to share ideas, tips, and advice. I love the ethos and community surrounding the show, which is so in tune with my work to help people clear space and time so they can enjoy the things they love.

Clean and Tidy Home Show Shine Squad

The show promises a packed 2-day timetable covering a wide range of topics across four stages hosting talks, demos, and an opportunity to ‘Ask an expert’. Whether you’re looking for the latest cleaning hacks, home organisation and storage ideas, or advice on how to get started with your decluttering project, there really is something for everyone! Once you’ve watched the talks, there are rows of stands to browse, try out, and buy products. You can find out more about the show here.

KonMari at The Clean and Tidy Home Show

I had a fabulous time at last year's show with fellow KonMari consultants. We had a stand, complete with its own gratitude tree, which drew lots of attention (including from Mrs Hinch). It was lovely to introduce many more people to how the KonMari Method helps create a home they love. I delivered a couple of sessions about joyful storage solutions on the demo stage – exploring some of the principles of the KonMari Method, such as folding, vertical storage, and using containers. This year there'll be an opportunity to learn more about Marie Kondo's method through talks and demonstrations from KonMari Consultants.

Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon at the Clean and Tidy Home Show

This year's show features a lineup of celebrities, 'cleanfluencers', and experts, showcasing the latest cleaning, organising, home, and self-care products. The team from APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) will also be there with a stand, so make sure to stop by and get some tips on decluttering and organising (whether it's for your own home or starting a business to help others).

Georgina Burdett (the Home Genie) is hosting the main stage this year and KonMari Consultants will be taking part in a session titled ‘Debunking Myths around the KonMari Method and Exploring Its Approach’.

Sue Spencer and Richard Pearson on the Demo Stage

It’s an opportunity to learn more about how decluttering using Marie Kondo’s method is tailored to your own ideal lifestyle and needs; it's not solely about minimalism, and it highlights how Marie continues to tidy her home (despite the headlines earlier this year!).

In a separate slot on Saturday, October 14th, on the Extra Stage, I’ll also be talking about how the KonMari Method helps my clients as I work closely with them to rightsize their lives and create homes that truly reflect who they are.

Home Organisation and Decluttering at the show

The Clean and Tidy Home Show isn’t just for Cleanfluencers! There will be loads of decluttering and home organisation content too. Some of the highlights I’m looking forward to at this year's show are:

Clean and Tidy Home Show Main Stage:

  • At Home with Emily Norris - Inspiring Tips and Tricks for Household Bliss: Organisation hacks and family-friendly ideas for your living space.

  • The Style Sisters - talking about decluttering and creating an organised and stylish home.

  • Lucy from Organised By Lucy talks about designing spaces to reflect your lifestyle.

Clean and Tidy Home Show Demo Stage:

  • Rediscovered by Danielle, sharing advice tips to help people get started with furniture upcycling.

  • Sophia Lorimer – making cash from your clutter.

  • Maximising Productivity with Monique from the Perfect Planner Company.

  • Folding with gratitude - maximising space and taking care of your possessions with the KonMari Method.

Clean and Tidy Home Show Extra Stage:

  • Find Your Joy with Joyologist Donna Easton, who’ll explain how to find your joy and encourage you to have more joy in your life. She’ll also be hosting a Well-Me-Oke, a wellness cabaret show on Sunday.

  • How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done with Juliet Landau Pope.

  • Rightsizing your home and life with the KonMari Method

Ask An Expert Stage: Hosted sessions with opportunities to ask questions from experts.

  • Organising 101 – a session for everyone from declutter newbies to people considering becoming a Professional Organiser.

  • Home Organisation Maintenance.

  • Supporting a hoarder you know.

  • Organisation for those who are neurodiverse.

The show is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn new tips, and get the motivation you need to clean, organise, and take control of your home. At just £10 for a day ticket or £15 for a weekend pass, it’s an absolute bargain for a show that promises to be packed full of inspiration and fun - I'd love to meet you there. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to know more or have any questions before booking tickets.

Clean and Tidy Home Show ticket event

Are you ready to start living A Life More Organised?

I’m Sue, a professional home organiser and Master Level KonMari Consultant based in Hampshire, UK. I trained with Marie Kondo and the KonMari team and help busy people declutter, organise and simplify their homes so they can get on with the important job of enjoying life. For a no-obligation chat about how I can help, please get in touch m: 07740 782575 I'd love to keep in touch - why not follow me on Instagram or join in the conversation in my Facebook group Rightsize your home - helping families declutter, organise or downsize



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I love all things decluttering and home organisation and trained with Marie Kondo to be a KonMari Consultant after experiencing the benefits of tidying my own home using the KonMari Method.

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