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In April 2018 I spent 3 days in London at a KonMari Consultant Seminar led by the KonMari media US team and Marie Kondo herself! For the uninitiated Marie Kondo is the best selling author of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying" which has sold over 8.5 million copies worldwide. She was named in Time Magazines' 100 Most Influential list and is currently filming a series for Netflix which will air in 2019. Marie ran a couple of sessions at the seminar and we had a chance to ask lots of questions to learn from her experience.

This was an international seminar with 106 trainee consultants (from 31 countries including Australia, US and Brazil). All of us have already finished our "tidying festival" and are now helping other people find out what Sparks Joy in their lives.

I began my 'tidying festival' last year and was inspired by how it changed the way I look at things right across my life.

The KonMari Method™ encourages you to look at your possessions in a new way by asking whether things Spark Joy. If they do you keep them, if they don't you discard them.

KonMari Training Certificate

This really turned the tidying process on it’s head for me as I was so used to looking for items to discard rather than deciding which items to keep. The process also looks at the reasons we hang on to possessions (guilt, 'I may need it, one day') and helps you recognise that items have served their purpose in your life so you can let them go.

I'm the only Hampshire based Certified KonMari consultant. I'm delighted to be launching my own business to help others organise their homes and find out what Sparks Joy for them.

Contact Sue for more information about decluttering and organising using the KonMari Method:


m: 07740782575

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