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5 minute Kitchen Decluttering Tip

A super quick decluttering tip you can do whilst getting breakfast or cooking dinner this evening.

I almost always come across cutlery drawers full of Calpol & Nurofen medicine syringes when I help young families organise their kitchens. Lots of Mums keep the plastic syringes or spoons even though there’s usually a one included when you buy a new box of medicine.

Womens hand hold childrens medicine syringes

If it's not syringes it's hairbands, plastic sporks from M&S lunches even screwdrivers! The cutlery drawer is often the place where things end up if they didn't have a proper home in your kitchen last time you tidied up!

So today, whilst you’re in the kitchen, set aside 5 minutes to take a quick look at your cutlery drawer. Empty everything out & sort it in to piles of different types of cutlery. Think about what you generally use and ask yourself what you really need (fish knives, toddler cutlery etc) - make a decision there and then about what you're going to keep and what can go.

Once you've decluttered the cutlery work your way through all the other bits & bobs that have made their way into the drawer. Do you really need the chopsticks, 2 corkscrews or the flimsy bottle opener from last years Christmas crackers? Recycle what you can & discard anything else that you don’t need.

It’ll be so much easier to find things in the drawer when it’s just got cutlery in it!

I’d love to know what you find in your drawer!

I'm a Professional Organiser trained by Marie Kondo - if you'd like to know more about decluttering & organising your home take a look at my other posts.

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