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5 Minute Kitchen Organisation Tip - How To Store Tupperware and Plastic Containers!

Lids on or lids off - how do you store your plastic containers?

It’s a question I’m often asked and I usually recommend stacking the tubs and keeping the lids separate to maximise storage space. I love using drawers to store things in the kitchen as you can see exactly what you have as soon as you pull open the drawer.

Organised kitchen drawers with Sistema Brilliance food storage containers

How to KonMari your Tupperware and plastic food storage box drawer

1. Collect all of your Tupperware and food storage containers from the kitchen and around the house (don't forget to look in work or school bags if they're used as lunchboxes).

2. Sort the containers into different sizes (or different uses - whichever makes most sense to you) and pair up each container with a lid that fits.

As you're doing this take a look at the condition of all your containers and lids. Now's the time to discard any that are broken, warped or are looking past their best - yes all those washed out takeaway containers can go! You want to be sure that you're storing any food and leftovers in the best condition. I do however usually have a couple of tubs for the tomato pasta sauce that I batch cook - that way I know I’m not going to discolour all my food storage containers.

3. You should now have a few piles of Tupperware in front of you - think about how you use them and how many you realistically need. You should also look at the space where you will be storing them, I prefer to use drawers for storing food containers but you may use a cupboard or shelf. Your containers have to fit in the space that you have for them so use this as a guide for how many you should keep and how to store them.

4. As you choose the containers to keep think about which ones you naturally reach for, is there a reason for this? Is it the size that you like, the look or feel of the storage container or is it the way it keeps your food fresh? Work through the different sizes and shapes of tubs and keep the ones that you know you definitely have a use for.

Storing Tupperware or food containers with lids on or lids off?

The decision is up to you, my preference is lids off but the solution in your home may be different. I always make sure when working with a client I find out how they use their space and what's going to work best for them.

If you have the space and decide to store them with the lids on you'll always know that you have the right lid for the pot but it can be a bit like playing Tetris getting them in and out of the cupboard!

If you do decide to store with the lids off I have a few organising tips that I like to follow...

*️⃣ Always match up a lid to a tub when it's put away - so no more missing lids!

*️⃣ The lids need to have a home as you don’t want them loose in the cupboard or drawer - I stack lids in a basket or box (see photo above), but you can use whatever you have to hand like a shoebox works well or your biggest Tupperware container.

Recommended Food Storage Containers

KonMari organised fridge with Sistema Brilliance food containers

I’ve just started using Sistema Brilliance containers in my fridge & so far I’m loving them! They’re as clear as glass (but not as heavy) & they kept our chopped up fruit really fresh. Better still, as everyone can see what’s in the pots we’re eating loads more fruit than normal. You can pick these up in your local supermarket or online at Amazon or John Lewis.

For an eco friendly option I also like IKEA 365 glass food containers with a bamboo lid, but they are quite heavy so not as practical if your kids use the fridge.

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