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Downsizing & Moving Downloads

Useful Checklists & Planners to Help you Declutter, Organise & Simplify Life

Materials and information provided are for personal use only.

Do not duplicate in multiples or distribute without written permission from A Life More Organised

KonMari Checklist

Decluttering by category helps you make confident decisions about what to keep and discard as you can see the volume and duplication of items. 

Downsizing Inventory.jpg

Make a note of everything in each room and where you're planning for it to go.  Take measurements of the furniture if you need to do a floorplan of the new home. 

Having a clear view of what will be sold/go to charity will help you keep on track.

Moving Home Checklist.jpg

Keep track of all the address and authorities that you need to notify when you change your address.

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