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6 Weeks to A Life More Organised

The course is designed to help you declutter and organise the key categories of your home (wardrobes, kitchen, bathroom/toiletries, paperwork etc) and is delivered through a live 90 minute weekly Zoom call with workbooks (& homework!). Course participants will be invited to a private Facebook group so we can support and cheer each other on.

Starting soon with weekly Zoom sessions each Tuesday evening for 6 weeks - these will be recorded and available in the Facebook group.

This is a small group course with only 10 places available.  I'm looking forward to supporting you on your journey to a simpler life where you can focus on doing more stuff that you love rather than worrying about your clutter.

Priced at £199 for the 6 weeks


KonMari folded clothes

1.5 hour workshop covering the following:

  • The wellbeing benefits associated with decluttering & organising your home 

  • An overview of The KonMari Method™, covering the 6 steps of the method and introducing the A Life More Organised KonMari Category Checklist (which all attendees will receive).

  • Practical examples to inspire and motivate you to make some small (or big changes) to your own home!

"The course was great fun, sharing our stories & cupboards!

We had printouts & checklists to keep us going - it was great value for money.

I've gone through most of my home & decided what I do & don't need and have donated bags & bags to charity & made money through eBay & other apps.”

AM  |  6 Weeks To A Life More Organised Attendee


Virtual KonMari Organising Support

My Zoom/Skype organising sessions will give you the guidance, support and accountability you need to achieve your goals as you tackle your home organising project.  They're a great option if you don't live locally or would just like guidance on how to tackle your home organising project.

Free Consultation

During each session we'll focus on one KonMari® category.  I'll guide you as you sort through your possessions - helping you identify what to keep and recommending ways to organise and store the items you keep. 

You'll need a laptop/phone and a good internet connection so you can "walk" me around your home.

£40 per hour 

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