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Top Tips: Tidying Childrens Shoes

Children’s shoes seem to spread everywhere & can rarely be found in pairs when you need them!

Childrens wellies and shoes

📸 by Ross Durston Photography

Some quick tips for keeping on top of childrens' shoes.

Collect every pair of shoes in the house & separate in to piles - one for each child. Sort each pile in to pairs - choose the favourite pairs (let your children help you decide) & obviously keep the school shoes! Remove any shoes that are broken or too small. If you’re saving shoes that are in good condition for younger siblings pop them in a bag labelled with the shoe size & put it somewhere you’ll remember to check. If you want to donate to charity Sals Shoes will find new feet for your old shoes! The final step is to find homes for the remaining shoes & let your children know where they should be kept.

  • I always recommend finding a place for school shoes & bags (near the front door) - encourage your children to put their shoes there when they get home from school (this is replicating what they do at school so they’ll be used to it).

  • Try using a storage basket for the rest of the shoes - if you have room for a unit with baskets for each child that works a treat! Ikea Kallax units & baskets work really well (the one below has had a cushion added to make a comfortable seat).

Ikea Kallax

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