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Love your bookshelf!

One of the most common misconceptions about the KonMari™ Method is that Marie Kondo believes that you should discard most of your books & that 30 is the optimum number.

I can assure you that this isn’t the case!

Heart made from book pages

If you follow the KonMari™ ethos then you should ask yourself whether each book brings you joy & is still relevant in your life – if the answer is yes to either of those questions then keep the book with confidence!

I believe that a bookcase is one of the areas in a home that can truly reflect a your interests, beliefs & lifestyle. I often ask clients to stand & look at their work once they have sorted their books to see if they feel it is a reflection of who they are.

“The first time you encounter a particular book is the right time to read it”

Marie Kondo.

Most people have books in their home that were bought (or gifted) with best intentions to be read but for some reason they’ve never been picked up or have only been read halfway through. These often end up languishing, long forgotten, on bookcases - never to be seen or read again. If your bookcase is full it can look cluttered and make it difficult to actually see and find the books that you want to read. If this is the case in your home then read on for some tips on how to streamline your book collection so it reflects you and your interests.

First up - let’s make sure you know what’s on your bookcase so you can find the books you want to read & see the books you love.

I recommend taking all your books off of your shelves & gathering them all together (if there are too many to do in one go split it in to types of books (cookery, fiction, classics etc). .

Pick up each book & ask yourself what it means to you. If you know its a book you love, that Sparks Joy as soon as you pick it up, put it to one side on your 'keep' pile.

If it’s a book that you're not sure about go through the following steps: ​

  • If you haven’t read it yet ask yourself why this is. Are you ever going to get round to reading it – if not then it’s time to consider passing it on to someone that will.

  • If it’s a fiction book you’ve read once but won’t be reading again ask yourself why you are keeping it – if you loved it then consider keeping it but otherwise it’s time to pass it on for someone else to enjoy.

  • If it’s an academic book or travel book that you’ve kept for reference ask yourself whether the information it contains is still up to date & relevant. Would you actually use the book or refer to the internet for that information.

  • Cookery books - people tend to have a few favourites that they use & then lots that are never opened. If you’ve got a book that contains one recipe you love consider taking a photo of it and storing it in a recipe file on Pinterest.

  • Some books will have sentimental value to you – check to make sure you still feel this way and then keep them with confidence.

Once you’ve selected the books you want to keep you can then decide how they are going to be displayed on your shelves so that you can enjoy and access them easily. Give pride of place to your favourites - display them like works of art and enjoy them.

Organised bookshelf with ornaments

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