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Imagine Your Ideal Lifestyle

The KonMari™ Method is not just about decluttering your home – it’s encourages you to be aware of everything you own and to curate a home that reflects how you want to live your life now and in the future.

Marie Kondo


“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life”

Marie Kondo

Before you start decluttering I encourage you to think about your motivations for wanting to get organised and suggest that you put aside some time for the process.

If you’re ready to tidy up “once and for all” KonMari™ style then the first step in the process is to Imagine Your Ideal Lifestyle.

  • Take some time to think about what’s important in your life now and what your future aspirations are – you’re going to be curating a home that supports you both now and in reaching your future goals.

  • Think about how your want your home to look and feel; eg: is it a calm oasis, a bustling family home, a place that connects you to nature…

  • Think about how you want to use the different spaces around your home; do you need to get ready for work as quickly & easily as possible every morning, what would help you do this? Is the kitchen a socialising space or somewhere that you cook and run?

Ideal Lifestyle Mood Board

As you develop a vision of your Ideal Lifestyle be as specific as possible as it will help to make your vision feel real.

Why is this an Important Step?

  • Having a clear vision of your Ideal Lifestyle helps to keep you motivated as you start tidying and will encourage you to carry on with it if you get stuck halfway through.

  • As you tidy your home you’ll be asking yourself if items “Spark Joy” and if they fit with your Ideal Lifestyle. This will help to ensure that everything you have in your home is relevant for your life now.

A recent client found 3 cafetieres at the back of a cupboard as we were working on her kitchen – she turned and said “I have no idea why we have these, we always use our Nespresso machine!”.

Tips for developing a vision of your Ideal Lifestyle.

  1. Keep a notepad to hand and jot things down as they occur to you.

  2. Grab some magazines (make sure you get a selection of home, lifestyle and holiday ones) and look through them tearing out any images that you connect (make sure you recycle the rest of magazines once you’ve finished with them!).

  3. Fabric samples can also be great for adding colour and texture to mood boards.

  4. Pinterest is a great resource for looking at different lifestyle images – try searching by keywords such as calm, organised, homely or look for inspirational quotes.

Contact Sue for more information about decluttering and organising using the KonMari™ Method:

m: 07740 782575



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Sue Spencer KonMari Consultant
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Hi, I'm Sue!

I love all things decluttering and home organisation and trained with Marie Kondo to be a KonMari Consultant after experiencing the benefits of tidying my own home using the KonMari Method.

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