Do you have "Just In Case" syndrome?

Lots of people I work with struggle to let things go “just in case” they are needed in the future. It's not surprising given that many of us were brought up by parents who subscribed to the "make do and mend" mentality.

I'm all for living a sustainable life and will always reuse or recycle items if they have a purpose but I try not to hang on to things that I'm not realistically going to use. For many people "just in case" is an excuse for not letting go of things.

If you're finding yourself a bit overwhelmed by the clutter in your home I'd recommend working through the following questions as they may help you to decide to let some of those things go.

1) HOW LIKELY is it that you’ll actually use the item - be honest.

2) WHEN was the last time you used it - are you really going to need it again.

3) How BIG is it - if it’s bulky, getting in the way & your clutter is annoying you - you see where I’m going with this.

4) How EASY would it be to find a REPLACEMENT if you needed it in the future.

5) How much would it COST to replace - if it’s cheap then why keep.

6) Is it PERISHABLE, does it have a SHELF LIFE - think paint pots, ingredients used for a recipe a year ago.

7) How much value do you put on the SPACE it’s taking up.

If you decide it’s something that still fits in your life then store it with similar items so you know where to find it - you don’t want to end up buying it again if you’ve kept it!

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