Before we work together 


  • During an initial conversation, by phone or face to face, we’ll get to know each other and you can explain what you’re hoping to achieve from the work. 

  • I’m interested in knowing how your rooms are used, who uses them and when.  This helps me to understand what’s needed to make the space work for you. 

  • I’ll encourage you to create a vision of how you want things to be – this can be something along the lines of what you’d like it to look like, how you want to feel in the space or even something as simple as using a favourite picture or ornament to talk about how it could look in your room.  It may help to look through an online resource like Pinterest or pick up some magazines to give you a bit of inspiration – having a vision of how you want things to be will help motivate you to get started with tidying up.

  • We'll agree what to focus on for your first session, I’ll confirm the cost and if you're happy we'll agree the date for my first visit.



  • Please don’t tidy up before I arrive, it’s important that I see how the space we’re working in is currently used and what we need to sort through and organise.

  • We’ll work together to sort through your items deciding what to keep or discard based on the KonMari Method™ of identifying which items spark joy for you, this process will take up the majority of time in our session. 

  • I will never ask you to discard something you don’t want to but I will keep asking you questions about your “stuff” so that you know that you will love, need or use everything you keep.

  • I can share ideas with you about reusing, donating and selling your items on auction sites such as Ebay. 

  • We’ll always have time at the end of the session to organise your storage, making sure that everything you love and need has a home that works with your lifestyle.  You may even find you have some empty spaces which leaves room for new items that spark joy which you bring in to your home.



  • I'll give you plenty of tips and techniques as we work through your possessions to help ensure that you’re able to keep your space clutter free. 

  • ​At the end of the session I’m happy to take a car load of your donated items to a local charity shop.  I’m not able to carry your discarded items to the local household waste site as I do not hold a waste carrier licence.

  • If you'd like to continue organising your home I'll give you some “homework” to complete after I’ve left so that you can try out some of the techniques by yourself.  The KonMari Method™ works best if you declutter your house in one go, this can take as long as it needs to (some people take 6 months!).  The important thing is to keep going once you’ve started.  

  • I offer follow up sessions and discounted packages (see packages) if you would like to book more than one session so I can help keep you on track.

“Discarding is not the point; what matters is keeping those things that bring you joy. If you discard everything until you have nothing left but an empty house, I don’t think you’ll be happy living there. Our goal in tidying should be to create a living environment filled with the things we love.”


Marie Kondo - Spark Joy

Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers