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Top Tips To Keep Your Fridge Organised

An organised fridge cuts down on food waste & saves money

It's a fact.. you can fit more in an organised fridge and you’ll know exactly what’s in there. When you know what's in your fridge you're more likely to use everything - planning your meals around food that you need to use up. This reduces food waste, your shopping bills & the risk of finding something nasty growing at the back of the shelf!

This isn’t just a pretty fridge… an organised fridge saves you money, limits food waste & encourages healthy eating.

Organised fridge

Fridge Goals! 🍓 Since organising our fridge like this I only buy what’s needed in my weekly grocery shop as I can easily see what we already have. 🍓 I know what’s in the fridge so it all gets used & there are no nasty surprises growing at the back on the shelves. 🍓 We eat loads more fruit since storing it like this as it looks so appetising. The same principle works in all your food cupboards - if you can see what’s in them you’ll use it & won’t double up in your shop. Take a look at my step by step guide to organising a fridge Marie Kondo would be proud of here.

Fridge organisation session

I enjoyed sharing my top tips with Giselle from Sun Savers as we organised her fridge via Zoom! Take a look at the video below:

Where to store different types of food in your fridge

Always separate raw and cooked food in your fridge. I recommend using containers to keep similar foods together as it makes it easy for everyone to know where to put things and the containers keep drips and spillages contained.

Use the different shelves in the fridge to keep different food groups separate:

  • Vegetables – keep in the bottom drawer of the fridge.

  • Raw meat and fish - should be kept on the lowest shelf in their packaging.

  • Salad and Fruit - on a low shelf.

  • Dairy products - cheese, yoghurts and eggs on the middle shelf.

  • Leftovers - on the top shelf so they are easy to spot.

  • Jams, condiments and milk - on the fridge door.

  • Potatoes and onions - don't keep in the fridge! These should be kept in a cool, dark cupboard.

If you've found this blog useful and are ready to start organising your kitchen you may find these other posts useful:

Are you ready to start living A Life More Organised?

I’d love to hear how easy you find it to declutter your home - what sort of things do you struggle with?

Let me know them in the comments below!

I’m Sue, a professional home organiser and KonMari Consultant based in Hampshire, UK.

I trained with Marie Kondo and the KonMari team and help busy people declutter, organise and simplify their homes so they can get on with the important job of enjoying life.

For a no-obligation chat about how I can help, please get in touch.

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