Useful Checklists & Planners to Help you Declutter, Organise & Simplify Life

KonMari Category Tidying Checklist by UK KonMari Consultant Sue Spencer, A Life More Organised

With the KonMari Method you Declutter by Category.  

Doing this allows you to see the volume of similar things that you own & any duplication of items, helping you make informed decisions about what to keep and what to discard.

Remember - only keep the items that 'Spark Joy', that you love or need.


Start Living A Life More Organised with your own Weekly Work Planner

Plan out your working week, highlighting your top priorities so you can get them crossed off by Friday.  Includes a 'Plans' box for you to capture & log great ideas, making sure they don't disrupt your flow with this week's Priorities.

Weekly Planner - A Life More Organised

Start Living A Life More Organised with a Weekly Planner

You'll find you'll get all the important stuff done & more when you write things down on a weekly planner.  Plus you get the satisfaction of ticking things off once you've done them - what's not to love!

What to take or pack for uni checklist.  A checklist guide for people starting university

Essential things to take with you when you start university

Don’t fall into the trap of taking everything from your bedroom at home – the room you're moving into will be small with limited storage space.  

Use this checklist as a guide so you don't leave any essentials items at home.  

Infographic showing the best way to organise a fridge to save money & prevent food waste

Simple infographic showing the best place to store different food groups in your fridge, keeping everything organised and food fresher for longer.

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