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Are you drowning in paperwork?

If you’re fed up with looking at piles of paperwork around your home or constantly searching for documents it’s time to declutter and organise your paperwork once and for all.

  • I use a tried and tested method to sort,declutter and organise all your paperwork without it feeling overwhelming.

  • You’ll be able to see exactly what you have and make informed decisions about what to keep or discard. 

  • We'll review your current filing system, or set up a new one, so you can easily find paperwork when it is needed.

  • We can also set up a notification system to help you keep on top of repeat prescriptions, regular appointments and annual renewals such as insurance or financial products

  • I'll suggest new routines to help you keep on top of the paperwork that arrives in your home every day.

Organised Paperwork

Decluttering paperwork is one of those jobs that we often put off but it’s worth tackling as it feels great to get it sorted once and for all.  Read more about what to expect from your paperwork organising sessions here or get in touch.

My service is confidential so you can be assured of my discretion.


"Having spent years sorting and never really getting anywhere I became aware of Marie Kondos method.  However it was only when I had my sessions with Sue that the real lessons began and now I feel I've started to change and only keep what I love and will use"

Leela - Surrey

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