My virtual decluttering and organising sessions will give you the guidance, support and accountability you need to achieve your goals as you tackle your home organising project.

In your free consultation call we'll discuss what you'd like to cover in the work we do together.  I'll provide an overview of KonMari™ principles and recommend a plan to help you achieve your organising goals.

  • During each virtual organising session we'll focus on one KonMari™ category - Clothes, Book, Papers, Miscellaneous (kitchen, bathroom, living room items).  

  • I'll guide you through the KonMari™ process as you sort through your possessions - helping you identify what Sparks Joy and make choices about what to keep.

  • Once you've decluttered I'll recommend the best ways to organise and store the items you've chosen to keep. 


  • You'll need a good internet connection, Zoom or Skype account and a laptop/phone so you can "walk" me around your home. 

Virtual sessions are a great option if you're short of time or on a limited budget as the sessions are shorter and cost less than an home visit.


Fee: £30 per hour