I love helping my clients achieve their visions of a clutter free, organised & joy filled home, it’s a privilege to help them on their journeys.

Here's some recent feedback in their own words.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

"Sue has not only transformed the house, but also my life!

I've learnt how to store things, take pride in things and understand they are just THINGS. As long as those things are making you happy, give them space in your home, otherwise - give them to someone else!


We had a very short timescale to achieve my goals and we met and exceeded them. The effect on my poor muddled life has been immediate. If this sounds familiar to you, give Sue and her methods a go, it will definitely surprise you."

MF - Fareham


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Cluttered Shoe & Bag storage
Wardrobe storage was cluttered with shoes & bags
Organising shoes
All shoes taken out and grouped for decision making!
Bag sorting
All bags taken out and grouped for decision making!
Organised shoe and bags storage
Tidy organised wardrobe with shoes and bags
Cluttered Wardrobe
A mix of occasions, hangers and shoes
Organised wardrobe
Workwear clothes and shoes organised so client can see everything clearly and select her outfits quickly
Larder organisation
Contents grouped by type, decanted and stored in baskets for ease of use
Crockery storage
Try storing plates and bowls in drawers for ease of use
KonMari isn't minimalism - if you love and use things keep them with confidence and store them well
Chest of drawers and KonMari folding
Everything can be easily seen and nothing is forgotten about
Decluttered wardrobe
This wardrobe was slightly lacking in hanging space so baskets have been used on the shelves to store T shirts, jeans & scarves.
Who knew you could fit 11 pairs of jeans in to one drawer!
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Organising shoes

All shoes taken out and grouped for decision making!