Preparing for exam season...

2 weeks today until the start of GCSE exams. This is the first time in 4 years that we don't have GCSEs, AS or A Level exams being sat - we've "just" got end of year exams which need to be passed.

Having a clear space to study is key to make sure that the piles of revision notes, post it notes and cue cards don't clutter up your desk and your mind! It also helps to make sure that the area looks inviting and is clutter free given the amount of time you're going to be spending their over the exam season.

Below is photo of my daughters KonMari inspired study space. Each subject has a magazine file for revision notes & study guides, keeping it all together makes it so much easier to find what's needed - especially if you're in a bit of a last minute panic.

We found some lovely rose gold wire baskets for storing the worlds largest post it notes which are currently doing a good secondary job as wallpaper.

We've also made sure that all the highlights, pens and stationary equipment is close to hand and easy to store so it doesn't go walk about.

KonMari Revision Study Desk

The work space is kept clear for studying one subject at a time. Today's cue cards are for Spanish speaking.

Some revision tips:

Get your brain working and making new connections to make sure that your revision moves in to your long term memory ready to be recalled in an exam.

  1. Put revision notes away & test yourself to see if you recall what you’ve learnt. Straining to recall information is an important step in learning.

  2. Practice, Practice, Practice – do as many example questions as you can & always check your answers against class notes.

  3. Draw pictures & infographics to go with your revision notes. Your brain will process the information in a different way helping you to remember it.

  4. Revisit last weeks revision notes to keep them fresh in your brain.

  5. Keep hydrated and take regular breaks. Your brain can only deal with 3 to 7 new pieces of information at a time.

Contact Sue for more information on making your home and life less cluttered using the KonMari™ Method:


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