Thinking of having a Bank Holiday clear out?

Updated: Mar 9

Are you planning to use the excuse of a wet Bank Holiday weekend to have a clear out at home? These decluttering tips will help to make sure you see visible results very quickly.

Before you begin, spend some time thinking about how you use the area you are decluttering and how, in an ideal world, you’d like it to look. You may find it useful to look at Pinterest or some magazines for inspiration. Having a view of how you’d like your ideal space to look will help keep you motivated once you start organising.

Try to tidy by one category at a time (eg clothes, books, kids toys etc), rather than room by room. Gathering all your possessions from one category together means you’ll see all the similar items at the same time which makes it easier to uncover duplication and make decisions about what to keep.

Rather than looking for things to discard try turning the decision on its head and look for the items that you want to keep – items that you love, that make you happy or that "Spark Joy" for you. Most people have a favourite item of clothing that makes them feel uplifted when they wear it - you’ll find that other items around your home also have this effect on you.

Have a supply of boxes to hand and place any items that are no longer needed, used or loved in to the boxes so they are ready to either go to a charity shop, list on Ebay or taken to the recycling centre.

Once you’ve discarded your unwanted items move on to organising everything that’s left and try to find a natural home for everything. Having a home for each of your possessions makes it easier to keep on top of everyday clutter as it's quick to return things back to where they belong at the end of each day. You’ll find that you’ll save time and money in the long run as you’ll be less likely to waste time looking for things or replacing items that you’ve ‘lost’.

If you’d like some advice or help freeing up space in your home then please take a look at my website. A Life More Organised specialises in helping people to organise their homes and lives. I've recently trained with Marie Kondo (the internationally recognised Japanese author of the best selling book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying") and I work with the KonMari Method™ to help people identify and cherish the things that make them happy.

Is it time for you to clear away possessions that are no longer relevant to your life?

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