The KonMari Method™

“When you surround yourself with possessions that spark joy
you’ll create a home and a life you love”

Marie Kondo

As seen on the Netflix series "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" 



The KonMari Method™ was developed by the internationally recognised Japanese organising expert Marie Kondo.  The method, which has it’s roots in Japanese culture, encourages us to become more mindful about our lives.  We are encouraged to cherish the things that make us happy and to clear away any possessions that are no longer relevant to our lives.  

KonMari™ differs in two key ways from traditional approaches to organising:

  • We make positive choices about keeping possessions that Spark Joy rather than specifically looking for items to discard.  Most people have a favourite item of clothing that makes them feel uplifted when they wear it - you’ll find that other items around your home also have this effect on you. 

  • We tidy by category (eg clothes, books, papers), rather than room by room.  Gathering all items from the category together means that it’s easier to uncover duplication and make decisions about what to keep. 

Many people find that working through the KonMari™ process has a profound effect on how they approach other areas of their lives.  A renewed focus on what sparks joy and brings happiness in to our lives can also lead to a more mindful approach to our feelings towards ourselves and our relationships.

KonMari™ steps to creating a tidy, simplified and organised home:

  1. Commit yourself to tidying up

  2. Imagine your Ideal Lifestyle - having a view of the lifestyle you aspire to lead will motivate you to start tidying.

  3. Tidy by category not location - start with clothes then books and move on to more difficult categories like sentimental items once you have practised making decisions to discard.

  4. Ask yourself if the item Sparks Joy - if items are no longer used or don’t Spark Joy we thank for their service & let them go.

  5. Finish discarding first

KonMari Consultants


Sue Spencer is a KonMari™ Silver Consultant, trained by Marie Kondo.  By working with a KonMari Consultant you benefit from their organisational knowledge and experience as they guide you through the tidying process.  KonMari™ consultants encourage you to envisage your ideal lifestyle and will help you to explore what sparks joy in your home and is important to keep in your life.

I trained with Marie Kondo and her team in London and am one of just 21 Certified KonMari™ Consultants in the UK.


I'm based in Winchester and work with clients across the South of England, offering a professional decluttering & home organising service.  I also run KonMari™ workshops to help people kick off their own home organising journeys.     

KonMari Consultant Seminar Certificate
Sue Spencer Certified KonMari Consultant trained by Marie Kondo

Visit www.konmari .com to search for your nearest KonMari Consultant and learn more about Marie Kondo and her best selling books:

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