If you lack the time to get organised, don't know where to start, feel overwhelmed by your clutter or want some help making the best use of your storage - I'm here to help!

Some areas you may need help with:

  • Kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, wardrobes

  • Garages

  • Childrens rooms, playrooms, nurseries 

  • Studies, home offices and paperwork management 

  • Save you time and money by ensuring everything has a home

I'll guide you as we work through you possessions using the KonMari Method. We'll work by category (eg: clothes, books, papers , kitchenware, office supplies, toys).  Sessions are tailored to your individual needs so we can work together on a single area or you can experience the full benefits of a tidy and organised home by booking one of my packages.


Declutter and Organise Your Home

  • We'll work through your possessions and, with my guidance, you'll make decisions about what to keep, recycle or discard. 

  • After decluttering I'll help you reorganise your storage, making sure that all your possessions have a home so you can easily find things and keep your space tidy. 

  • You’ll have a calm, relaxing space which will make you feel lighter and brighter, so you can focus on the things that are most important to you.  


Areas I can help you organise include:

  • kitchens

  • sitting rooms

  • bedrooms

  • bathrooms

  • utility rooms

  • hallways

  • home offices

  • lofts

Wardrobe Detox

Imagine opening your wardrobe every morning and it being full of clothes that you love.  If you struggle to choose an outfit each day or you’ve lost track of what’s in your overflowing wardrobe then I can help you with a KonMari wardrobe detox.

  • By letting go of clothes, shoes or bags that you no longer love or need you'll free up some much needed space in your wardrobe.    


  • You may even rediscover some favourite items that you’ve forgotten about!   


  • I’ll then help you organise the clothes that remain, making it easier to see what you own and saving you time every morning as you choose what to wear.    


Knowing what’s in your wardrobe and looking out for items that Spark Joy will help you to be more discerning on future shopping trips.  Take a look at my blog post on organising clothes.

Organise your paperwork

Paperwork can build up quickly if it’s not dealt with, it gets everywhere… by the front door, on kitchen counters, in dining rooms or bedrooms.  If you’re lucky, it sometimes makes it to the study!  Working together we'll clear the paper mountain in your home or office.

  • I'll help you work through your personal papers, warranties, appliance manuals and any outstanding papers/documents - I'll advise what to keep and for how long.  


  • We'll review your current filing system or set up a new one to make sure that you can easily find something when it’s needed.   


  • I'll recommend new habits to help you keep on top of the paper that arrives in your home every day.   

Moving or Downsizing

If you’re downsizing or moving to a bigger house take the opportunity to sort through your possessions and discard anything you no longer need.  I'll work with you to take some of the stress out of your house move and help to ensure a fresh, clutter free start in your new home. ​

  • Decluttering before your house goes on the market will help to make it more attractive to potential buyers.  


  • Avoid the additional time and costs associated with moving boxes of unwanted items. 


  • Unpacking boxes and organising storage after your house move.